Believe in your
engineering team

What We Do

Geocene does hardware and firmware engineering on low-power connected devices. We also build performant backends and analytics systems.

  • Geocene was born in Berkeley
  • We typically work with funded startups
  • We also do international aid projects
  • We listen first
  • We’re good at asking questions
  • We want to learn about your project

Social Proof

We think this actual Slack screenshot of a conversation with Patrick Altman of Wedgworth is compelling. In it, Danny, our CEO, had just asked Patrick if Wedgworth had any criticisms of the way we showed up in a recently completed project.

A screenshot of a slack conversation in the channel #wedgworth-geocene. Patrick Altman says, &quote;no, I can honestly say it's been the best experience i've ever had working with different groups.&quote; danny says, &quote;@Patrick Altman Would you be OK if we quoted this on our website?&quote; Patrick Altman says, &quote;Absolutely&quote;

Work Proof

This selection from our projects is meant to whet your appetite while further building confidence that we know what we're doing. We enjoy talking about these projects and we want you to ask us about them.