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Geocene is a premium consultancy that specializes in helping teams build devices. We are a team of great people with expertise in everything a connected device needs including hardware, communications, mobile apps, backend systems, and data analysis platforms.

Engineering is Easy

It’s a bold claim for a premium development company to make, but it’s true. The world is full of quality engineers that can build the specific feature they’re asked to engineer.

Asking questions, listening to each other, and thinking hard about how each change will affect the user experience; that’s what an integrated partner does to ensure success. That’s how we avoid “oops.”


Avoid Oops

“Oops” is what happens when engineers work in isolation to build features. Each feature is competently designed and functional — but doesn’t necessarily work well as a cohesive whole.

A device built like this might have the features that customers were asking for and investors were promised, but it doesn’t provide for that seamless user experience necessary to succeed in the market.

We’re a Partner

We know we’ve only succeeded when our clients impress their investors. Our work isn’t about flash — it’s about solid foundations, readable code, good long-term decisions, and capital spent on just the right portions of the project.

We are an engineering partner. That means that we help you think hard about the challenges you face. Our clients tend to be nimble, ready to move as their understanding of product-market fit changes over time. If you’re like them, you’ll appreciate our ability to adjust with you and you'll be thankful that we made the right choices from the beginning. We’ve spent our lifetimes solving complex problems. We can apply the lessons we’ve learned to your situation.


We are an intentionally small team of excellent engineers (plus Dean, the only one that isn't an engineer). Every one of us is listed here:

Danny Wilson

| Founder/CEO

Skot Croshere

| Founder/CTO

Dean Croshere


Hamza Benkhay

| Backend

Zeke Shearer

| Mobile

Dylan Jackson

| Hardware

James Whong

| Hardware

Piotr Esden-Tempski

| Hardware


Our motto is “work hard, do good.”

Thousands of our sensor systems are installed on projects that touch millions of lives around the world — sometimes in the world’s most remote and inaccessible locations. It is deeply satisfying to know that our efforts can be a part of exciting and fascinating startup projects. Even so, we also ensure that we're also taking on important and meaningful world development projects.

We believe that many of the world’s most significant challenges can be met with great engineering, and we take that challenge seriously. We work hard for our clients so we can do good for our world.

Most of our team has turned down cushy jobs at major tech companies. Our team believes in our mission. We enjoy working as part of a smart and dedicated team.

We charge $365 per hour on an ad-hoc basis, but this price comes down for longer term contracts. A rate sheet is available.

We believe that cheap engineering is expensive. We believe quality engineering starts with listening and asking questions to best establish what needs to be built. To facilitate this, we've built a company full of exceptional and easy-to-talk-to people that work together. When you work with Geocene, you get a partner.

We’re a highly-trained team coming together from diverse backgrounds. Among us, we have been on the ground floor of billion-dollar startups, earned Ph.Ds from the world’s most renowned universities, been part of well-known tech giants like Apple before they were huge, earned fellowships with the National Science Foundation and Fulbright, and written software tools used by millions of users.

We’ve come together to build a company that puts listening, planning, and working together first. If you review the quotes on our projects page, you’ll notice that many of our clients rave about the way we communicate and integrate with them. The engineering is a given - the partnership is the service.

We see our role as a partner with or without an ownership stake — equity is not necessary to incentivize us. That said, we are occasionally willing to take a minority portion of our fee as equity.

Not very often, but our pricing is flexible under certain circumstances. We look for projects that allow us to “do good” by solving important problems.

We are always searching. If you think you would be a fit for us, we would like to hear from you.